Windrose Web Design

My little creative web design studio that is dedicated to
providing the highest quality work with the best customer service, at affordable prices.

My Skills

With both marketing and web design diplomas behind me, I leverage my experience and expertise to drive results.

I believe your website is an extension of you and your organization. I work hard to make sure your online presentation matches your personality and your potential.

With an extensive design portfolio and an impressive collection of happy client testimonials, my studio is fully prepared to make your marketing effort a success!

In My Tool Box







A Little About Me

My name is Raina Noël, and I am a mother, painter, coffee drinker, and full-time web and graphic designer residing in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada.

I design websites for businesses, non-profits and neighbors alike, and pride myself on my ability to produce amazing results no matter the size of the project.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones who gets to make a living doing what I like best. Plus, being able to work in yoga pants isn't so bad either.

When I'm Not In The Studio

I can be found with my family, adventuring either near or far. In the past few years I've gone hiking in Bolivia, Peru, Iceland, England, Prague, Guatemala, Costa Rica, France and the Netherlands. In 2019 I set off to explore China.

Closer to home I will be kayaking with the kids, enjoying a campfire, running, kickboxing, or relaxing by playing my piano.

What My Clients Are Saying